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Lance armstrong inspirational quotes

Without even reading these Lance Armstrong's inspirational quotes or reading his story , tell me a person who has not heard the name of Lance Armstrong at least once ?

He became a household name for his athletic ability and courage. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in October 1996 and was said to be released by 1997 , a year later.

Before recovering, he said he would be back in competitive competition, but at this point that his team " Cofidis " had no confidence that it was possible for him to do so. They canceled his contract and Lance Armstrong was left to find a sponsor when he returned to the race.

Just to show you why these inspirational quotes are so inspiring that we have to consider the fact that the cancer had spread to Lance 's abdomen , lungs , lymph nodes and even the brain. The doctors said that his chances of survival were as low as 40 percent.

This makes it even more surprising that it was not cancer in such a short time . What Lance Armstrong used to fight cancer ? Was it the treatment or was it something else?

It was not only chemotherapy and surgery that saved his life - he was so much more than that. We evaluate some inspirational quotes from Lance Armstrong and see if we can figure out what else he used to be healed.

    "Anything is possible. You may be told that you have a chance of 90 percent or a 50 percent or 1 percent chance , but you have to believe and you have to fight".

In this inspirational cancer quotes, Lance Armstrong, we can clearly see the fighting spirit he has. Most people give up when they hear the diagnosis and ruin their chances of survival . They become depressed and convinced that nothing works. Lance told you that, no way a way will be made if you do not believe .

    "Without the disease , I would never have been forced to reassess my life and my career. I know that if I had not had cancer, I would not have won the Tour de France".

Here Lance is showing gratitude for testing the cancer has put it through, because it allowed him to look at life in a different way . He was able to find a new meaningful purpose , one that would inspire generations and give hope to countless people .

This is nothing more satisfying than winning any race and win races , after defeating the cancer makes it even more spectacular to watch. Every time he gets on his bike is a gift and it is here to let us know that always have the recognition , no matter what we go through .

    "Through my illness I learned rejection. I was struck. This was the moment I thought , Okay, game on . No prisoners . Everyone goes down" .

Selected among many inspirational quotes, it must resonate in your mind every day you face any challenge you are presented with. He used the rejection of what had happened to him as a fuel to get back on his feet.

It was determined that everyone who had rejected the regret and they see become a success without their help. This is the kind of decision that we all need . Spend more time to evaluate more of his quotes , because you are sure to find inspiration.

I'm glad i'm sharing with you these inspirational quotes, hoping it would change your life too.


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