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Inspirational quotes from Helen Hine, almost killed to looks like Cat Deeley

From 23 to 30 years old, a woman named Helen Hine took a cocktail of pills and appetite suppressants. She thought the concoction of pills could help get the perfect body , but it left several medical problems.

Hine was hospitalized 10 times because of panic attacks , respiratory problems , kidney stones and other effects of the pill is swallowed.

Against doctors orders , she continued to take the pills like ephedrine , Liptex , Lipo 6 , thermogenic fat strippers, among others. The glamor model wanted a figure like hes famous idol Cat Deeley

and willing to harm her body horribly for it.

I'm not exactly sure what is the irony, but I think this is considered ironic Hine was a worker in mental health care , but I decided I wanted to be on TV after Deeley seen as a presenter. her desire to be on TV fires its diet pill addictions and body image issues .

Here Hine most heartbreaking inspirational quotes :

Inspirational Quotes - In your body idol :

    When I saw Cat Deeley presented on television , I thought it was perfect. It is a success and it looked amazing, all I wanted to be. I knew that would happen , I had to lose weight and look amazing .

Inspirational Quotes - The pressure to be thin for the model :

    When I started modeling and was a size 8, but I felt under pressure to look slimmer in order to find work.

Inspirational Quotes - In your body hatred :

    I'm always looking in the mirror and wish I could remove fat from one part of my body or tone in another area.

Inspirational Quotes - After first try diet pills :

    "I felt so strong, I took the one day Hoover and I felt so light. I was on top of the world. Felt lean , toned and amazing. But the euphoria did not last long. Few weeks later , I was driving when I started feeling weird . Suddenly , I was hot and sweaty, and could not breathe.

Having said that the pills she was given a resting heart rate of 280 and would kill her if she did not get rid of them :

    " I do not feel fear, but a few months later , I was convinced that I had gained weight after stopping the pill , and my confidence has taken a hit."

Inspirational Quotes - We agreed with what she had done to herself :

    "It was horrible. Now I realize that I am a fashion addict to see my character change before my eyes. Wanted desperately to fulfill my dream, I put my health at risk."

Inspirational Quotes - Here are three inspirational quotes about Hines's time :

1- "After going to the hospital for what seemed like the hundredth time, I finally felt it was enough."

2- "I know that I will never again touch tablets - being a mother is in good health is more important to me, and I am determined to maintain a sensible balance my figure."

3- "I decided to get rid of my obsession with thinness as a celebrity."

Fortunately Helen Hine is alive to tell her story. I am very impressed by the way she was able to look back at her critical dependence on diet pills and body image struggles.

Desperate measures to try to transform your body into the body of another person is never going to work. Your body is your body. You could die trying to do something that is not, and maintain a healthy body is more important than finding a way.


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